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Ukash voucher code

Ukash voucher code 50 Euro


Ukash voucher code 50 Euro

Note:  In Order to Ensure a Smooth Transaction, Please Order it by Safe Payment Method Like: Pay Safe Card, Moneybookers, Wire Transfer, Sofort. Thanks. 


Notice:Our Ukash code can only be used on Ukash authorized legal sites. If you use it on any illegal site and get it locked, we will not take any liability for it.

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Ukash voucher code Detailed item info

Ukash is a secure way to pay.It is a electronic money, and it has to use before the Use By date. You will no longer be able to use the code after the date, typically 12 months.


You can pay with Ukash at thousands of websites worldwide. Visit the following link to see where you can spend Ukash Vouchers:

But you should treat your Ukash voucher code in the same way as you treat your cash. Keep it safe and don't give it to anyone else because, once used or lost, the value cannot be easily recovered. This is because Ukash is different to a bank account or a wallet, such as PayPal. Your Ukash value is not held centrally in an account that is linked to your identity; instead, the voucher value is linked to the voucher code. Put simply, anyone who knows the voucher code and the value can spend that value online.

Manage Ukash
Break up your Ukash code into smaller value codes so you can shop across multiple websites and spend just the right amount.

Change the currency of your Ukash code, so you can spend your Ukash on more websites. Ideal if your chosen website doesn't accept your currency.

Add multiple Ukash codes together to get a single code. Great if you have a number of small value codes and want to buy something more expensive.

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 Terms of Use

Can I get the charge from my cash?

Yes. If the amount you wish to pay is less than the value of your Ukash, you'll receive 'change' as a new Ukash PIN, value and expiry date. Please print this or have it emailed to you and keep it safe. Remember: Ukash is like cash - so don't lose your new Ukash change PIN.


 System Requirements