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MOP: Get Mists of Pandaria CD Key free by writing down your experience on trying MoP

Edited By  Abaricah     09/20/2012

As MoP is coming soon, we are all looking forward to its rich content. Anyway, many of you haven't got the chance to take the beta. Write down your thoughts as followed on trying MoP, and you'll have opportunity to get a mists of pandaria cd key for free to enter the fantastic land of Pandaria!

1. Your article should include any of the following points:

A. Your experience and understanding of Monk, the new class.
B. Introduction to Pandaria or some secrets of the new map.
C. Introduction to the new dungeons or strategy of them.
D. Features or introduction of the new system
E. Your opinion on the adjustment of talents

Please note that stolen articles are not acceptable. Provide us your original works.

2. We are going to select the best articles. The author of chosen article will be awarded a WOW Mists of Pandaria CD Key. Meanwhile, we will also pick 5 more attendants randomly; each will be given a wow game time card, Starcraft 2 CD Key or swtor time card, etc. (Our keys are scanned key, we will send key by Email.)

3. Activity time: from now to Oct. 30th,2012

4. Submitting address:

5. The activity is sponsored by

6. We will deliver the wow mop key 12-24 hours before the game is released 

Welcome to join us!

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