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Playstation Network card: Portable Gaming at Its Finest

Edited By  Abaricah     07/15/2011

Are you a fan of portable gaming? It is quite fascinating that things have certainly come a long way since Gameboy and Gamegear. I was not able to strictly follow the developments on my own. It was hard to really own the portable gaming devices as they come out. When I was old enough to afford my own, I went back to basics and got myself a Gameboy. A short while later I got myself a Playstation Portable. I fell in love with my PSP. In fact I loved it so much that I did not hesitate in getting a new one after I lost the first. It was the sexiest device I have laid my hands on. It was a bit of a hassle for the games though. Lugging around a separate case for your UMD's was not so much fun. After 3 developments of the PSP later, they came up with PSP Go. It's smaller because you have to slide up the screen to see the control pad. Another change that you might notice is the absence of the UMD slot. How do you play your games then? The PSP Go comes with a huge internal memory. You would then have to get your game through the Playstation Network using a Playstation Network Card.

You no longer have to bring around a separate case for your games. It is now in your portable console. So I guess the developers are really running with this concept. You better get your Playstation Network card on the ready now that Playstation Vita is on the way.

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