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Duke Nukem Forever: Get your Duke Nukem Forever CD key for Non-stop Alien Blasting

Edited By  Abaricah     07/14/2011

Rehash of old titles are becoming a thing with the new releases of the latest generation consoles. From the invention of the game on the early consoles, the game has evolved along with hardware developments over the years. Titles like Metroid, Zelda and Mario are just a few that I can name from the top of my head. Who can forget Duke of Duke Nukem though? From its release back in 1996, Duke is back after 15 years to kick some more alien asses. The game is released on 3 different platforms (Xbox 360, Play station 3 and Microsoft windows) and more recently announced, Mac OS X. Apple users can really applaud to this. I rarely hear games releasing versions for the Mac OS (well they have their own platform with IOS anyway).

So fans of Duke, go get your game on and prepare to kick some alien butts. For you to play the game fully, you are going to need your Duke Nukem Forever CD Key. With this you can take advantage of the full action packed story line. It all starts with Duke on the way to a talk show which eventually got cancelled to cover an alien contact. Duke was then instructed to keep his hands off the alien visitors (because they came in peace). Duke was about to keep his word but he arrived in his home ransacked and his girlfriend(s) kidnapped by the same aliens. What else do you think would Duke do? Buy Duke Nukem Forever CD Key to find out the rest.

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