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The Sims 2 New Expansion Pack: Get it now!

Edited By  Abaricah     11/18/2008

The Sims 2Apartment Life Expansion Pack is now available on Pickup this item now, then move to new apartment.

You are available to get new life experience below with this expansion pack:

Move into the perfect apartment: a spacious loft, a cozy place for a young couple, or a multi-bedroom flat-share with friends!
Mingle with Sims from all-new social groups: stylish socialites, artsy bohemians, sports jocks, gadget-collecting techies, or edgy gearheads!
Take advantage of apartment life: form social networks to make new friends, advance their careers, or look for love!
Build your Sim's new reputation meter: with a good reputation, your Sim can find the right friends to help them achieve their goals!
Control multiple households: will you make your Sims live in happy harmony or comical conflict?

Want to experience the new life in the apartment?  Get it now!


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