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EVE Online: Refuses to bow to industry pressures

Edited By  Jelana     06/02/2010

An interview with CCP Games' senior producer Torfi Olafsson has been published. The piece focuses on the deliberate decision by the Icelandic development studio to produce EVE Online exclusively for a hardcore audience, as well as a few brief comments about the ongoing fight against RMT.

"Well, we always knew that the game would be hardcore. The majority of the players are players that immigrate from other MMOs then say, "Okay. I've reached the level cap. That was great. Now, I want something that's really challenging, we took strides in trying to improve it [the learning curve], but I think that as well is a necessary evil. The challenge and learning curve is a necessary evil if you want to provide the game that delivers such a broad range of experience." Olafsson says.

Check out the full piece over at Worlds in Motion.

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