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NBA 2K 13 CD Key

NBA 2K13 CD Key


NBA 2K13 CD Key


Platform: PC
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Release Date : 10/02/2012
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We only offer a unique retail NBA 2K 13 CD key,but no Digital Download is provided. It means you will have to download/get the game from PC DVD or another resource, and this key will work for the game installer. We do not provide DVD client.




Like its predecessors, NBA 2K13 simulates NBA basketball games. One of the game's new control features allocates dribbling to the right analog stick on the controller, much like EA's NBA Live series. This allows a better 1-on-1 offensive feel to the game. The game retains the "My Player" mode, now renamed "MyCAREER" There are new features in the mode which include more off-court activities such as endorsement deals (including creating one's own shoe, which has greater details of the shoe itself than in "NBA 2K12") complex contract negotiations, a social media component "Twitter", the ability to choose the player's pre-game rituals and clothing during events, the ability to talk with the general manager after games, and the ability to have the player speak before tip-off in games. A variety of past players and teams are available, including the 1992 Dream Team, but unlike previous installments, there is no dedicated historical mode. It is not necessary to complete history challenges in order to unlock the classic teams, of which there are over 20. A new added team, the "Celeb Team", includes celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Bow Wow, Sean Kingston, Wale, and Meek Mill. The game also has a new mode called MyTEAM. In the MyTEAM mode, a player can be the manager of a team and compete against other players on Xbox Live.  Another new addition is the NBA store in the My Career menu. This allows the player to buy clothes, accessories, hats, team gear, etc. Another difference from the other games in the series are the VC or "Virtual currency" that the player earns in order to buy these items from the store. These coins are to be used for purchases or used as "skill points", as in the previous games of the series. They can also be used to boost one's My Player attributes, to buy new players, coaches, arenas, etc. for My Team, and to purchase players for the NBA Blacktop game mode. New this year is the "My Player Blacktop" game mode, which allows the gamer to show off My Players skills with other users' My Players online in a game to 21.

NBA 2K13

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