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Defiance CD Key

Defiance CD key (EU)


Defiance CD key (EU)

Platform: PC
Release Date: Apr. 2nd /2013

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Defiance CD Key Detailed item info


  • Vehicles - Terrestrial Motorworks has fused human and Votan technology into the Hannibal 800TR Quad. This four-wheel-drive, all-terrain powerhouse combines a hybrid engine that runs off petrohol and raw gulanite with a reinforced vysidium alloy frame to handle heavy loads and massive hits. There is no smoother ride across the new frontier than the rough-and-ready Hannibal 800TR.
  • Enemies - Hellbugs are a nightmarish by-product of Votan terramorphing technology. These insectoid killing machines bore up from hives deep underground to gather food for their Matriarch, overwhelming their victims in a barrage of chittering teeth and blood-red carapace. As awful as they are, Hellbug waste can be processed into petrohol, the only renewable fuel source on the frontier.
  • Locales - The Arkfall has infused idyllic Marin County with gulanite, an otherworldly mineral that powers Votan technology. Now, driven by lust for the precious crystals, cyborg “Miner 99ers” have turned the bustling mining territory of Marin into a war-torn hell. Even the boldest Ark Hunters must overcome the dread that haunts this area as they confront its vicious denizens.
  • Activities - The Votans came to Earth in titanic vessels called Arks. But an unexplained series of explosions broke the ships apart, surrounding the planet in a belt of orbiting debris. Now, without warning, chunks of the wreckage crash down to earth in cataclysmic “Arkfall events.”
  • Arkfalls are dynamic, scaling, multi-stage challenges drawing Ark Hunters, thugs, and hungry Hellbugs into frenzied battles for rare resources and alien technology. Those who brave an Arkfall might reap vast riches … or perish in a storm of gunfire and screeching monsters.


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